Ankkapurha culture park offers many activities

The surroundings of the youth centre provide great possibilities to learn about nature and cultural history. Ankkapurha culture park consists of cultural tourist attractions in Anjala and Inkeroinen area. The culture park stretches through the historic Anjala church to Anjala manor milieu near the Kymijoki river.

There are many significant memorials of industrial history and architecture. One of those is a residential area designed by Alvar Aalto in 1930s and 1950s. Nearby is an industrial museum of Ankkapurha where you can learn about the history of Finnish forest industry.

The Kymijoki river is famous for its salmon and its rapids. The Ankkapurha rapid for example has been harnessed to generate electricity.

In the area there is also one of the first grammar schools in Finland. Regina school now serves as the base of environmental education in the youth centre. In Regina school you can sense the history and experience also the life of school children in 19th century by taking part in an old fashion school day.

Anjala manor is also located in the culture park. It was one of the main manors of the noble Wrede family. The old main building was burned by Russian troops in 1789, during the Gustavian war. The new main building was finished in the turn of 18th and 19th centuries.

The beautiful park is suitable for slow walks, yoga or even a picnic. In the summer there are activities for families, individuals and culture lovers. All in all, the culture park offers an interesting setting of both history and culture!