Ankkapurha Art

Ankkapurha Culture Park is full of art and sceneries. The Edible Garden is a community ar work, where local people and camp school children have planted their own trees and flowers.

In the Edible Garden can be found an installation. Anjala Declaration 2017 is made by summer camp children during summer 2017. The installation is a renewed declaration. The first declaration was composed by 113 officers during the King Gustav III's war in 1788. The officers declared the war to be illegal. Independent Finland is 100 years old in 2017. The world has changed dramatically under the last years. The Finnish society has new problems with equality of social classes. Also the world is more complicated than ever. War and other trouble have led into massive refugee problems. In June 2017 were arranged two camps for children and youth from Kymenlaakso in Youth Centre Anjala. The camp groups deliberated care and who should Finland take care of in the future. Children and youth designed their thoughts into statues under instructions of sculptor Antti Halonen. Statues are displayed in a labyrinth which is formed by chokeberries (Aronia) and northern white-cedar (Thuja). The children and youth planted most of the bushes during the summer camps. The installation is supported by Kemijoki Oy, Foundation of Alli Paasikivi, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kymenlaakso Regional fund and Regina Foundation. The summer camps were a part of Finnish Governments Finland 100-program and were funded by Regional Council of Kymenlaakso.

The art exhibitions in Makasiini café are a part of Ankkapurha Art. The exhibitions are implemented together with Kouvola art associoation Kouta ry.