Ankkapurha Stories

Get inspired by stories! The history of colonisation by the flowing river Kymi started thousands of years ago. Come and join us for a trip accross the centuries and become one with the historical scene.

We organize guided historical tours for groups by prior arrangement. Prices from 140€/hour/15 persons.
After the tour you can enjoy a culinary experience in our restaurant Ankkapurhan Helmi.

You can also get to know the Ankkapurha stories by using the Citynomadi mobile guided routes. There are three different routes in English.

"Tales of the manor" describes the history of Anjala manor and nearby places. The route leads you through centuries and tells stories about interesting places in Anjala village. Come time travelling with us! Tales of the manor is made with the support of the Regina Foundation.

"Kymijoki" guides you through the history of the Kymi river. You will learn about the history of the river starting from the Ice Age. Float in the river with timber and salmon, get to know Tallinmäki prehistoric residence. Get acquainted with the early stages of industrialization or the time, when only ferries crossed the river. Welcome to a journey into history!

"Alvar Aalto in Kouvola - Tehtaanmäki residential district and school" presents the nearby attractions designed by famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), a functionalist architect and designer who achieved global acclaim, designed dozens of buildings at Inkeroinen in Kouvola from the 1930s to the 1950s: mill buildings commissioned by Tampella Oy, two whole residential districts and an elementary school. The residential districts are Tehtaanmaäki and Karhunkangas. On this tour, you will learn about the Tehtaanmäki residential district and Tehtaanmäki School. The district was built for the needs of paper industry workers.

The routes can be found online at You can also download the free "Nomadi" application from an app store.