Foundation cherishes the cultural inheritance of the area

The organization behind Youth centre Anjala is Ankkapurha culture foundation (Ankkapurhan kulttuurisäätiö). The foundations primary task is to develop and support youth work as a national and international youth centre. In addition the aim of the foundation is to cherish the cultural inheritance of Ankkapurha area.

Ankkapurha culture foundation is a Social Enterprise. The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark communicates that the company has been established to promote a social goal and most of its profits are channelled to advancing social good. Social enterprises reform service structures, produce welfare services in a manner that is sustainable for the economy and the people, create jobs and develop services locally and dedicate their profits to improving wellbeing in the local community and develop viable solutions for environmental problems. The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark is granted by the The Association for Finnish Work.

The Foundation's Board of Directors:

Chairman: Johanna Vuolasto

Vice chairman: Rabbe Holger Wrede

Petteri Ikonen

Esko Lavonen

Hanna Myllyntausta

Veikko Niemi

Kirsi Juura

Executive director: Jenni Liikkanen