Frequently asked

What kind of accommodation does the youth centre have?  We have shared flats/dormitories for 12-16 persons, from 3 to 5 persons per room. One flat normally has 4 bedrooms and a common living area, kitchenette with a shower and toilet facilities.

Is it okay to bring animals? Mainly it is not allowed to bring animals in to the flats. Currently, we have one separate accommodation building where we have the opportunity to also accommodate pets with their owners. The accommodation has three 12-person apartments.

How about the accessibility?

One of our apartments, Kuusela, is suitable for people with mobile disabilities. Our new restaurant has good access for disabled persons. Gym hall and one of the meeting rooms are on 2nd floor and there is an elevator. The fireplace room is also accessible, but saunas are not. Most of the apartments and meeting rooms have 1-3 steps and narrow doors. 

Our yard is rather flat. The roads are asphalt or gravel. Most of the paths in the manor park and in the forest are quite wide. The path to the hut in our yard is rather steep and has loose gravel. There is a longer road to the hut, which is not that steep. The hut has a high doorstep and very small door. There is a fireplace by the hut that is accessible. Also there is a fireplace in the manor garden which is accessible.

Does the youth centre have a beach?  Youth centre has no swimming possibility in the area. The nearest swimming spot is Sihvakka outdoor swimming pool, which is located approximately 1 km from the youth centre. There is also a public indoor swimming pool about three kilometers from the youth centre.

Is the youth centre open in the winter? Anjala youth centre is open all year round.

Is the youth centre only for the young? We warmly welcome people of all ages from babies to grandparents. We have a wide range of services to meet the needs of different groups. 

Where is the nearest supermarket? The nearest store is in Anjala about 1 kilometer away.

How about precautions for special dietary requirements?  Please report them to us in advance.

Do you have a shop? We have a kiosk in the cafeteria/restaurant.