Our values

We work for a good cause. Impact of our work shows in the whole society. When you decide to buy a service from us, you make a choice of value, an investment to the future. Our work aims at giving young people a good start in life, a solid mind and a healthy self-esteem.


Pure heart

Active benefactor

We are responsible and wholesome adventurers. When you think genuinely positive and let it show, you can honestly say that you believe in everything you do. We believe in real actions and do those actively. Youth work is valuable and we want to preserve it.


  Strong nature

Developer of sustainability

We protect environment and preserve childlikeness. We think genuinely positive and we show it. We believe in what we do and set goals for our work. We respect nature and people. Sustainable development guides our work both in youth work as well as sharing information about environment.


Real teamwork

Play as a team

Team spirit is the backbone of our operations, in our duties and in customer relations. It shows in motivated staff and in good work. We serve gladly, with good quality an personally. Excellent location tops the well working service. We pay attention to our customers’ wishes.


Own world

On safe ground

We work in a historical milieu close to nature. We invest in adventure and development, as well as in new experiences. With us, everything is fun. Safety, reliability and quality are core values for us, of which good youth work and working customer relations are made of. It’s a valuable combination of tolerance and peace of mind.