The old fashion way

Over 170 years old Regina school was one of the first grammar schools in Finland. The school was originally built in 1843 in the village of Anjala, and in 2009 the school building was moved to the Youth Centre Anjala.

The idea for the school came from Charlotte Regina Duffus who was the mistress of Anjala manor in the 18th century. In her will, she left money for the education of the children of Anjala village. Her son, Rabbe Gottlieb Wrede started the school in 1802 after his mother’s death. The establishing of the school was a significant event. The children of Anjala were obligated to go to school already 119 years before compulsory education started in Finland.

The actual school building was built in 1843. The school also had a library, which was one of the first libraries in Finland. Regina school served as the main school of Anjala for 128 years, between 1803 and 1931. When the school ended, Regina foundation was started, and they continue to do charity work on a local level.

The cultural historical value of the building was kept in mind when renovating and decorating the school building. The history of Regina school is still present in the youth centre’s activity programs such as Old fashion schoolday.